Greg was a touring member and collaborator with the "indie classical" band rachel’s from their inception in 1994, to their final sold-out performance at the Merkin Concert Hall in NYC in 2006.  During this time, he created numerous experimental Super 8 films that were projected as a visual accompaniment to the band’s live shows, several of which can be seen on this site. 

Their tours took them across the United States, Europe and Asia.  In addition to being the resident ‘visualist’ of the band, Greg played percussion, keyboard, and vibraphone on several songs.  Greg also collaborated with the band on their CD/LP record packaging, both designing and printing the booklets for four of their six releases with his printing company ONE TON PRESS, which he ran from the 1990s to the early 2000s.

The band was represented by the Quarterstick record label, and can be heard on various compilations, film scores (e.g. the feature film HANCOCK), and in lots and lots of dance performances on college campuses across the country.

Contrary to common perception, the band is not named after pianist Rachel Grimes, but–ultimately, if one were to really press us to divulge a long story–after the replicant by the same name from the movie Blade Runner. Yes, her name was spelled Rachael, but that's beside the point.

Please visit the band site to learn more: www.rachelsband.com