A series of paintings for the walls of a space ship to remind one of home. To remember cities as cinematic structures, the atmosphere as a container for light, and geometry as a spiritual enterprise. Where science and the soul exchange vows. All works oil on canvas.


The surface of the earth seen as a sacred collaboration. The grids of farm, wires and roads reworked by elemental downpours of fire and light, oil paint and atoms. The River nourishes as it wrenches the man-made order of things; guides as it cuts through; enriches as it disrupts. All works oil on canvas except for the "Aerialarium" series, which is acrylic on paper.


Paintings that take points of light as their starting point, originally influenced by the prayer candle clusters found in cathedrals. Prayer as the mediating factor between the macro and the micro, between the cosmos and the make-up of our DNA. All works oil on canvas.


Paintings that ruminate on the cathedral of space, and the structures within that guide our very concept of time and meaning: the orbit of the earth around the sun, the spinning of the earth on an axis, and the orbit of the moon around the earth. Within this triad, any number of cycles and 'frames' to life are found... All works oil on canvas.